Pro-Rec celebrates ten years
of sounds for Korg synths!

Pro-Rec celebrates ten years
of sounds for Korg synths!

We've been supporting Korg synths for ten years...
and we plan to do it for at least another ten after that!
Our sounds have been highly loved by people,
we've earned ourselves quite a reputation.

If you've had a great experience with Pro-Rec
and Pro-Rec sounds, please email us!
It makes a big difference in capturing what
we've been doing for the past ten years!
Hope you're web browser has a lot of memory...
there's quite a few! Here goes!

Some Quick Recent Reviews from Korg Customers:

Dear Pro-Rec... Thank you for the disks for the Karma.
I am very pleased with the sounds and how they have been put together.
Congratulations on the new disks!
Yours in Karma – Lou

The Karma patches are outstanding. Although I am a 50 year old
contemporary-jazz-kind-of-guy, I like almost all genres, including dance and techno.
Personally, I am glad you are taking the time to produce an excellent product,
instead of rushing and sending us junk. I would suspect that most of your
customers would agree with me. Best Regards, Larry W.

Big kudos for your film and new age programming. Inspiring!
- Bruce, Triton and Karma customer

Big kudos for your film and new age programming. Inspiring!
- Bruce, Triton and Karma customer

Thanks for these... it's a top collection!
- Karma Customer

The collections are quite outstanding. Many thanks and best wishes.
- David, Karma Customer

I recently purchased your new Karmalized sounds
for the Karma, and I'm very happy with them.
- Karma Customer

Pro Rec has done well with the new Karmalized sets of sounds.
It's good to see a company produce new sounds and inspirational material.
Inspiration is the driving force for any musician and in these sounds there are lots!
- Lou, Karma Customer

Thanks for the updated KARMA sound bank. 90% of recordings in my studio
rely on the KARMA Synth and your sound bank sounds great.
- Alan, Karma Customer

Pro-Rec has come up with some new stuff for the Karma.
The "Dance" and "Tech" combinations are well put together and
are definitely worth a look if u like to create dance or tech tunes from almost
"prodigy-heavy" to pretty dancey trance. These are worth considering in my view.

I would add they are completely different from "Chemistry" which is an
excellent 64 combi set. Pro-Rec does give u the full 128 bank on both disks.
That's always a plus! This set of disks opens even more possibilities for Karma users.
Thanks for putting your heads and creativity around new sounds and combis for the Karma.
Well done! Keep the ideas and new files coming, and inspire us even more!
- Post on Yahoo! Karma Group, by a Karma Customer

I bought all the disks available for the KARMA (including MOSS).
Excellent sounds by the way!!!

Thanks, Paul

Your sounds for my O1/W.... they were grrrrrreat........!


Just wanted to let you know that my disks arrived this morning…
so quick from your side of the pond... I am so pleased with the sounds...
Kind of like a kid in a candy store... which one to choose!!!!
Keep me posted of anything new, I'll look in from time to time.

Seeya. Karl

I bought the T-Series Super Pop Disk a few years ago,
and I use the sounds all the time!
- Customer

These cards are nice - plenty of new timbres to work with and manipulate,
especially the analog sounds. I purchased the Karma banks DANCE,
TECHNO/SYNTH, NEW AGE & FILM4-D. The sounds are all great!

- Customer from Berlin

I just got the last one of the set this morning.
Thanks a lot, these sounds are great!


Hopefully the remainder are as good as that Film set :)
Good for the occasional sci-fi soundtrack-style song, the pads and
atmos-style sounds are mostly amazing. I must have played half an
hour with "evolution" alone ! "music boxers" and "cracklers" are just
2 of my other favorites from the set I have currently loaded.

- A Triton MOSS customer, ordering the rest of the set.

Just a few more of our customers' recent comments:

"Greetings Pro-Rec! First I would like to say that I am very happy
with the Triton sounds, all 4 disks sound great...nice job!"
- Customer, Triton sounds.

"The sounds are fantastic!...excellent product. Thanks again." - Paul.
-- Karma Customer

"I have some Pro-Rec banks for my Korg 01/WFD and I feel
they are among the most creative patches I have for that synth.
Lots of interesting sounds with unusual overtones."
- Customer, 01/W sounds.

"Just loaded all four Pro-Rec disks for Trinity last weekend. Brilliant.
I keep finding new patches that are just perfect for my tracks."
- Customer, Trinity Sounds.

Check out Korg's quotable on our Triton sounds,
coming from Korg management, itself...:

"Play and enjoy the sounds - they're really quite good!!"
- Jerry Kovarsky Korg Keyboard and Recording Product Manager, Korg USA

Korg management's comments on our company, Pro-Rec:
"Pro-Rec is a fine and reputable company who has been providing valuable sound
support for Korg products for ten years now. There aren't many third party companies
left anymore making new sounds to enhance your use of your instruments -
they provide a good and valuable service to all of us!"
- Jerry Kovarsky Korg Keyboard and Recording Product Manager, Korg USA

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We've only submitted a handful of our products for review...
but when we have, it's been great!! See some selections
from our top reviews from the industry majors below...
Or click on the boxes above to get the down low on
your specific Korg synth. We have demos for most…
the earlier sounds we have to go back and make demos for.

But rest assured, they are all still some of our top sellers!
Bring your synth new life, with new sounds.

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on our new Korg Triton sounds!

The Online Triton Website




I loaded the first file: Dance. The first thing I noticed was that the sounds are great dance sounds but also excellent sounds for other kinds of music. Almost every sound gave me new inspiration to play famous songs or creating new songs. I found many fat lead sounds and basses. For producers who need dance-basses, strong leads and powerful sounds, this is the bank you need! I also listened to the combibank of this file and there is a perfect mix of the programs. In the lefthand part of the keyboard you have mostly the bass sounds and in the right are the lead sounds. Ideal for live playing.

My favorites:
A25 Bigg Sawws: This is a really big fat saw sound.
Sounds like the Van Halen Jump sound. Very usable for me in the band.
A36 PWM Leader: Wow more fat!
A63 Rock outs: Very cool Arp
A107 Basic Instinct: This must be a complex arp, sounds huge!

Techno: This is really another type of board, ..ehm.. I mean file! many zaps, pulse sounds, many arpeggiator sounds. I would call it somewhat an agressive bank with heavy techno! These sounds are for the people who want really alternative music. Sounds that can be tweaked in a way you've never heard before! People who this kind of music have an access virus, a nord lead, moss in this PCG file!

My favorites:
A08 Vaporizer Arp: I can already imagine this sound in a new song!
A89 Snapper keys: Interesting piano sound I've never heard before.
A108 Bright Keyers: Very fat cool sound

New age: Very beautiful bank. You find sweeps, pads, strings, piano sounds with an ambient feel. When you play this bank you get very relaxed. I like this one very much. Dreaming away playing the sounds on my Triton... Never thought I could turn my Triton from a hardcore dancemachine into a dreammachine! This is a wannahave, even if you don't play new age music. I think this pcg could also be used in film music! My favourites: almost all the sounds.

Film: I was very curious about this pcg file, because I always wanted to make filmmusic. Playing through the sounds I saw many films before me. Especially alien movies like the X-files, horror movies and mysteries with breathtaking fx. Also movie intro's and endings are great to create with this bank. It's all just a matter of taste, you need to listen to the sounds yourself.

All I can say is that I'm impressed of the quality of the sounds. A combination of all those sounds would make yours a new Korg Triton. If your into different kinds of music, you have the choice of many great options for your Triton. Highly recommended!

Angelo Houben, Editor

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Online Trinity Website


Looking for some new sounds for your silver synth?
These PCGs will fit the bill. No cutting corners here.
Each disk is 128 programs AND 128 combinations and take full advantage
of the Trinity's modulation sources. Many of these programs will make
you say to yourself, "I didn't know my Trinity could make that sound!"

So before you go out and buy another
synth module, check out these sounds first!
Currently Pro-Rec offers the following PCG disks:

Dance Trinity PCG Sound Disk
This sound set is for the lighter sound of dance music.
The sounds are a bit brighter and energetic. Program A043, "piano"
is the perfect sound for playing those fast housey staccatos -
It's just bright enough to cut through your mix.
Hold down the left edge of the ribbon, add some heavy reverb
do some light doodling and you are Robert Miles.
A044 is great for a nice bouncy baseline.
Again, there is only one dance kit, but it's quite useful.
Combine the Dance PCG with the Techno/Rave PCG and
you have some powerful dance tools in your hands.

Techno/Rave PCG Sound Disk
Consisting of mostly basses, stabs and bleeps this set is
perfect for the techno musician. If you are looking for a
nasty growling TB303 acid bassline, Program 14 alone,
Monster Lead, almost justifies the purchase of this disk.
But don't sell yourself short, there's plenty left over to play with.
Another favorite of mine is, "Indians" (A078).
Play some stabs of this sound while adjusting the ribbon level.
Don't let the "Rave" part of this sound disk fool you.
Although there are some outdated Huge Rave Stabs on this set,
there are plenty of timeless dance sounds to keep you busy.
I only wish there was more than one drum kit on this PCG.

Filmscape PCG Sound Disk
I realize that the definition of ambient and experimental music is
very difficult to satisfy everyone, but this PCG should have been
called Ambient/Experimental. Although a great deal of the sounds
here could be used for a soundtrack, this is definitely a PCG
for trying out new things. Unfortunately, most of them rely
heavily on effects engine, so be prepared to cough up
that insert effect real estate when you copy these
sounds to your sequencer. A lot of the patches are
very original and refreshing like "Technics" (A071)
"Hyper Lows" (A079) and "Squiglers"(A078).
There are also some weird sounds like A069, "Q plucks" -
What the @#$% is that?
Some other highlights: Hold down a low C chord on "hollow
blows" (A049) for about an hour and you will realize you
are just a mere speck in the universe.
My favorite sound on this PCG would have be "Stringers" (A104)
There's something very powerful about playing that sound with quick stabs.

In conclusion, if you are into trying something different,
this is a fantastic disk to have. Highly recommended.

New Age PCG Sound Disk
One of Korg's best assets in the synth world is their ability
to create those luscious pad sounds. This PCG from Pro Rec
shows off the trinity's powerful synth engine.
If you like ambient / dream music in the vein of Brian Eno,
Steve Roach or Michael Sterns, you will love the textured
terrain of "new age chorals" (Prog A001).
Believe me, this sound disk is not cheesy flutes and harps.
This PCG covers the whole spectrum of new age music
providing all the material you need to for your next
inner journey or alien landing.

Pro Rec sells these sounds disks at $44.90 each - well worth the
money, but they also offer a bulk special where you
can order all 4 disks for $119!


TOP REVIEWS! Trinity V3/MOSS and Z-1 patches
These banks have all been top rated in "Trinity Haven," the leading
online resource for Korg products!

Here's the entire review:
Now that the Trinity has the capability to take advantage of the awesome sound
engine power of the legendary Z1, The guys at Pro-Rec have tapped into a virgin
market by selling a new line of PCGs designed specifically to take advantage
of the extra M-bank. No one else currently caters to the z1 card market.

Since the z1 bank can only hold 64 sounds (128 for those with the
FlashROM option) each PCG disk comes with two 64 program PCGs.

Dance: $44.90

There were some good sounds on here, but some of the others sounded
very similar to programs that could be created on the non-M banks.
This is not necessarily a bad thing, but if you're like me, you can never have
enough Z1 sounds on your Trinity. No need to sacrifice a precious z1
track if it isn't necessary. But this set is still useful. Tons of Bass sounds as
well as some interesting stabs and synths. Surpisingly, there are some
really good acoustic guitar programs to be found. Some of my favorite sounds
are Mute Stabber (P10) and Flexitone Pulse (P48). I don't mean to down play the DANCE PCG.
Maybe I'm just biased because the TECHNO and FILM disks are so impressive.

Techno: $44.90

Now were talkin'! Lots of goodies on this set. I found many of the sounds
useful in real world dance compositions. Lots of basses, zaps, and synths to keep
any dance producer busy. In program mode you can really appreciate the use of
effects and modulation controllers. I found a lot of original sounds that I have
never heard before. If you like techno music and you have a Trinity V3,
then you are doing yourself a great disservice if you deny yourself this PCG!

Film: $44.90

The title of this PCG is somewhat of a misnomer, unless the type of film
you are thinking about is some psycho future space thriller. Or if your favorite
soundtrack is Logan's Run then the title might apply to you. If your thinking of
sweeping orchestral sounds, forget it. This is not for you. I personally enjoy strange
bizarre sounds and this baby has it all. Some of the sounds scarred the SH**T out of me!
Very creepy! There are plenty of gurgles and spine tingling textures to
inspire your next avante garde creation. Some of the sounds are a bit over the
top for actual soundtrack use, but if you are into dark or quirky ambient, you will love this PCG.
But not every thing on this is strange or harsh. A few of the Programs are super
mood-inspiring lush. The Film set will push the limits of your z1 card to the extreme.
Out of all the Pro-Rec V3 disks, this one is my favorite.
Highly recommended.

Buying advice: Both Film and Techno are great additions to your PCG library.
Dance is above average. But the special 3 for $99 bucks make the decision easy.
If you bought the Film and Techno that would be 90 bucks right there.
So for another $10 bucks you might as well get the Dance.
There's bound to be something you like for that kind of chump change!

- Trinity Haven Website


A TOP REVIEW on our Z1 sounds, from RECORDING Magazine!

Pro-Rec's offering for the Z1.

These floppy disc sound libraries impressed us not just with their
programming quality but with the no-muss-no-fuss factor.
Just make sure you have a MIDI cable going from your computer's
MIDI interface to the Z1 MIDI In, slip the floppy into your computer,
click on the included Bulk Sysex Utility and send files to the Z1. That's it.
(Pro-Rec also supplies these sounds in the Emagic SoundDiver editor format.)

This overwrites the Z1's internal memory, of course, so any of your own
Programs should be saved on card or computer first. Then if ever you want
to restore the Z1 to its original factory memory, you can do that with a
few button pushes.

We listened to three Z1 collections from Pro-Rec and can recommend
all three highly. It would probably take a more dedicated disco nightclubber
than this reporter to make reliable stylistic distinctions between Programs on
the Dance disk and the Techno disk. And I didn't have enough Evian water
at hand to penetrate the deeper meaning if you get my drift.

But I did hear skilled programming that makes good use of the available
parameters and effects, with variety and imagination that doesn't simply
duplicate the factory sounds. Some arpeggio patterns are a hoot -
someone at Pro-Rec isn't taking life too seriously.

The third floppy we auditioned is called Film 3-D, and it shows an entirely
different aspect of the programmer's talents. Washes of evocative sounds,
always on the move, always inviting the use of velocity or controllers for
creative interpretation-this is a rich collection that will enhance many
projects aside from film scoring.

Pro-Rec offers many other sound and sample collection for a
number of instruments. If these Z1 sounds are typical of their overall
standard, then you may want to check out what else they have.


Our 01/W library has been TOP RATED in
the "Korg Connection" Newsletter...
check out some of their top comments:

"This new set of sounds by Pro-Rec is truly outstanding. There were so many
creatively unique combinations & programs that I ran out of space to talk about them all.
Pro-Rec fully utilizes the 01/W's sound editing envelopes and original PCM data.
One of the subtleties I enjoy most is the Value Slider assignment. Pro-Rec programs
the effect-controlling slider function practically and usefully for each combination.
Over all, this set of sounds are among the best I've ever heard!" Korg Connection Newsletter.

Rating: "5 out of 5... A Must Buy!" -
The only card & the only company ever to receive this rating!

"The Super Dance disk tastefully combines the older analog sounds
with a modern digital finesse that strongly identified the 01/W as its
own sounding keyboard. ...Add this one to my personal collection.
...If you enjoy sounds with lots of multi-tap delays, flanges,
and layers typically created by mixing old analogs with modern
digital synths, then this collection certainly won't disappoint!

Korg Connection Rating: "4 out of 5... Excellent - Couldn't be much better!"

01/W 01 NATURAL:
"This disk of sounds by Pro-Rec is fun for the whole family.
...This disk as a whole offers some good quality programming!
...The quality of programs are great and they can be applied to
just about any style and genre of music."

Korg Connection Rating: 4 out of 5...
Excellent - Couldn't be much better!"

Back in the day, Keyboard did a shoot-out of all the M1 sounds
in the world, and we took top honors! These continue to be
some of our hottest selling sounds, even now!

"We love this card... Super Dance is filled with edgy, grating, annoying
and wonderfully inventive patches - just the thing for dance/industrial/rave
/techno/house fanatics. ...plenty of hot basses, fat pads, and percussive
description-defying whatsits to satisfy the most discriminating key pounder."
Michael Marans, Keyboard.

M1 Super M Synth was TOP RATED IN KEYBOARD!:
"Cutting, static-filled synth textures. A treasure trove of choppy, punchy
sounds for the techno-minded. Not a 'standard' collection by any stretch.
...This collection has enough crunchy analog synth standouts to attract dance-music artists."
Greg Rule, Keyboard Magazine.

M1 Natural was also TOP RATED IN KEYBOARD!
"Plenty of warm, beautiful sounds, suitable for atmospheric effects
and new age tracks." Jim Aikin, Keyboard Magazine


If you're looking for classic analog sounds mixed with today's bright digital stuff,
these collections won't let you down... Mixing really cool analog sounds
with wavesequences... The EX Pop Collection & AD Pop/Dance banks rank somewhere
between four and five stars! (5 out of 5 is a perfect rating). If you're doing
pop music, the AD Pop/Dance collection belongs in your Wavestation.
There are definitely some sounds in each bank that make it into my permanent collection.
Pro-Rec continues to produce consistently excellent sound programming.

See more reviews all over our web site!
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