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Sounds for the Trinity V3

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Here's information on our
GREAT sounds for the Korg Trinity V3!

Our synth sounds have been TOP RATED
in "Keyboard," "Electronic Musician,"
"Trinity Haven," "Sound on Sound UK,"
"Korg Connection," "Recording,"
"FutureMusic UK" & many more!

We can email these sounds to you!

Pro-Rec Is The #1 Producer Of Synth Sounds In The World!


Pro-Rec has three great banks of
sounds for your Korg Trinity V3 Expander!

The best V3 sounds in the world... at great prices!
Downloadable demos now available on this page!

Each disk features 128 all-new Programs each.

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Titles Pro-Rec Offers for the Korg Trinity V3:
Film 3-D

Trinity Disk Prices:

PCGs Email
$44.90 Each
$119 for all 4 Trinity Disks
$99 for 3 Trinity V3/MOSS Disks
Get all 7 Disks for $199!
Mac or PC Email
Floppy Disk (Same)
Trinity Bulk Special Get all 7 Disks for $199!

We can email these sounds to you!

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5 Sounds from each of the 3 banks,
in one file for you to try, free!

Click here to download the DEMO version!
Just click on the demo below to download the file,
format a disk on your Trinity V3, and copy the demo
file onto the disk, and load! Great stuff!


These banks have all been top rated in "Trinity Haven,"
the leading online Resource for Korg products!

Here's the entire review:

Now that the Trinity has the capability to take advantage of
the awesome sound engine power of the legendary Z1,
The guys at Pro-Rec have tapped into a virgin market
by selling a new line of PCGs designed specifically to
take advantage of the extra M-bank.

No one else currently caters to the z1 card market.
Since the z1 bank can only hold 64 sounds
(128 for those with the FlashROM option)
each PCG disk comes with two 64 program PCGs.

Dance: $44.90

There were some good sounds on here, but some of
the others sounded very similar to programs that
could be created on the non-M banks.

This is not necessarily a bad thing, but if you're
like me, you can never have enough Z1 sounds on
your Trinity. No need to sacrifice a precious z1
track if it isn't necessary. But this set is still useful.
Tons of Bass sounds as well as some interesting
stabs and synths. Surpisingly, there are some really
good acoustic guitar programs to be found.

Some of my favorite sounds are Mute Stabber
(P10) and Flexitone Pulse (P48). I don't mean
to down play the DANCE PCG.
Maybe I'm just biased because the TECHNO and
FILM disks are so impressive.

Techno: $44.90

Now were talkin'! Lots of goodies on this set.
I found many of the sounds useful in real world
dance compositions. Lots of basses, zaps, and
synths to keep any dance producer busy.
In program mode you can really appreciate
the use of effects and modulation controllers.
I found a lot of original sounds that I have never
heard before. If you like techno music and you
have a Trinity V3, then you are doing yourself
a great disservice if you deny yourself this PCG!

Film: $44.90

The title of this PCG is somewhat of a misnomer,
unless the type of film you are thinking about is
some psycho future space thriller.
Or if your favorite soundtrack is Logan's Run then
the title might apply to you. If your thinking of
sweeping orchestral sounds, forget it.
This is not for you. I personally enjoy strange
bizarre sounds and this baby has it all.

Some of the sounds scarred the SH**T our of me!
Very creepy! There are plenty of gurgles and spine
tingling textures to inspire your next avante garde
creation. Some of the sounds are a bit over the top
for actual soundtrack use, but if you are into
dark or quirky ambient, you will love this PCG.

But not every thing on this is strange or harsh.
A few of the Programs are super mood-inspiring lush.
The Film set will push the limits of your z1 card to
the extreme. Out of all the Pro-Rec V3 disks,
this one is my favorite. Highly recommended.

Check out Korg's quotable on our sounds,
coming from Korg management, itself...:

"Play and enjoy the sounds - they're really quite good!!"
- Jerry Kovarsky Korg Keyboard and Recording Product Manager, Korg USA

Korg management's comments on our company, Pro-Rec:
"Pro-Rec is a fine and reputable company who has been providing valuable sound
support for Korg products for ten years now. There aren't many third party companies
left anymore making new sounds to enhance your use of your instruments -
they provide a good and valuable service to all of us!"
- Jerry Kovarsky Korg Keyboard and Recording Product Manager, Korg USA

A customer wrote us:
Hello again, I just bought your Trinity V3
film sounds and I have to say I am very impressed
and I think your synth editors are even better than Korg's!
- Customer


Buying advice: Both Film and Techno are great
additions to your PCG library. Dance is above average.
But the special 3 for $99 bucks make the decision easy.
If you bought the Film and Techno that would be 90 bucks
right there. So for another $10 bucks you might as
well get the Dance. There's bound to be something
you like for that kind of chump change!

- 2001, Trinity Haven Website


(Please note: These sounds are available on Mac, PC or Atari Disks,
not ROM cards! Those cards are extraordinarily expensive,
so we offer these sounds on easy-to-use disk formats! :)

Available in Mac and PC downloader disks, complete with
easy-to-use downloader software and instructions!
Be sure to indicate disk format with your order!

We can email these sounds to you!

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(NOW HERE!) Dance features tons of synth hits, leads,
stabs, pads, basses & percussive sounds.
The best analog leads, fat basses, punchy hits,
and fully programmed analog & digital sounds
the Trinity V3 has to offer. Swarming arpeggiations
and awesome dance sounds.

Patch Names:

00Phaser Qs32Poly Keys64Hello Lead96Mix Stabbers
01Hydrattics33String Softs65Pulser Leads97Deep Dark Bass
02Phatality34Phaser Laser66Mini Sines98Fat Resons
03Vox Pulser35Fantasia Syns67Layer Fatty Bs99PWM Fatty Bs
04Galaxy Sweep36Reso Sweeps68Flutist100Flexitone Pulse
05Fattattack37Q Sub Lead69Choral Pulse101Electron Bass
06Rezzonator38Filter Stabs70Cutter Bass102Saw Cutters
07Syn Dancers39Q Huggers71Vox Pulser103PWM Fattys
08Plenetia40Staggaters72Fat Fuzzy104Sweller Synths
09Flying Attack41Pulser Port73F Fatty Bass &Ld105Roughy Bass
10Peggiate42Bigg Fuzzer74Fatty Stalkers106Funky Cutter
11Haliosis Bass43Saturn Leads75Mute Stabber107Low Syn Bass
12Smooth Synthing44Ponnics76Deep Sharp Bs108Soft Synths
13Warm Pad Synths45Layer Synths77Metal Keys109Mixed Synth
14Soft Synthesis46Bigg Pulse78ModuPulse Bs110Planets Syns
15Ultra Pads47Runner Z79Analog PWM111Light Bellers
16Smooth Poly48SynBass Talker80Poly Plucks112Sweeps Reso
17Fatty Synths49Ultimate Cutter81Deep Pulse Bass113Synth Symph
18Phat Syn Bass50Fat Attack82Talk Plugger114Funky Lead
19Rezz Master51PMW Reverse83Plugger Cut115VocoBass
20Poly Softs52Flutey Keys84Dynate Keys116Aah Pulse Ld
21Helio Keys53SynBass Lead85S Square Bass117Talker Fuzz Bs
22Padder Synths54String Stackers86Phat Guitar Bs118Guitar Billows
23Pheli Attack55Syn Key Softs87Brush Synths119Train Runners
24Soft Nights56Funky Lead88Plugger Bass120Digi Pan Bass
25Poly Stabbers57Fleximaxx Bass89Fat Tronix121Panner Planets
26Dance Syn Bass58Symph Strings90RubberTransverse122Pan Dog Bass
27Panner Synths59Peni Pulsars91Pulsar Bass123Choral Pads
28Fat Z Bass60Pulsed Pad92Super Fuzz Bs124Planet Q
29UltraFat Bass61Clavi Keys93Pulse Mute Bs125Slow Sweepers
30Tonator62Choraliss94Low Fatty Bass126Bizarre Drum
31Panator Bass63Q Sub Lead95Flexitone Bass127Pulse Efx

Phone Demo Code76

128 All-New Programs Each!

(NOW HERE!) Techno features powerful, bright, fat techno/ dance
stabs, hits, & leads... fat basses, punchy techno drums,
hypnotic techno arpeggios, cool pulsing waves and
stabbing dance leads, and a lot more... super techno,
trance and powerful dance songs!

Patch Names:

00Big Poly Saw32Pleni Cutters64Negative Ion96Simple Lead
01Helio Qs33Zaos65Metalastic Bs97Dynam Lead
02SlipStream Atax34Phat Fezzer66Swifters X98Hot Fuzz
03Bulging Hard35Attack Pulsers67FilterPulse Bs99Fast Pulser Bs
04Techna Stabs36Screw X Bass68Space Fork100Panic Bass
05Pulse Wakers37Big Buddy69Puncher Bass101Rave Matrix
06I'm Coming38Phantasma70Ultima Fatty102Negative Motion
07Mini Flyers39Technosis71Sparticca103Fat Short Bass
08Fantasy Edge40Synth X Lead72Solid MegaLead104Plenti Bass
09Helium Rings41Tube Attack73Rough Riders105Helions
10Q Matrix42S Fatty Bass74TechnoZapp106Q Continuum
11Techno Rez Bs43Simple Pulse75Helion Bass107Fatty Stabber
12Attack Delta44Holo Matrix76Philo Stabs108Matrix Square Bs
13Technica Wave45Electronica Bs77Pulse Q Bass109Muted Pads
14XY Motion46Particles78Big Upps110Saw Funnels
15Helium Drains47Mute Bass Talk79Pulser Maniac111Tecknika Bass
16Rezzo Fezz48Cutter Brushes80Under X Bass112Fazzmatic
17Panic Button49Pulse Gradient81Ion Pulse Bs113EVO Pro
18Elevatrix50Heliosis82Space Thinners114Mouther Bass
19Raver Stabs51Fatt Ravers83Heli Stabber115SmackAttack
20Zanophobe52Dig It In Synth84Planet Storms116Reso Leader
21Holionics53SubParticle85Deep Leader117Fantasy X
22Fatt Fuzzer54TechnoPhobe86Magnettics118Huggy FX
23Spattica Bass55Pulser Maniac87Saturn Flipped119ScrewDriver
24Warp Effect56Rough Matrix Bs88Morphees120Weirdo Perc
25Tex Zippers57Decimator Bass89Saturn Polys121Saturns Rings
26Transformania58Super Fezzer90Tonal Maniac122Weather Storm
27Train's Coming59Z1 Pumpy Bass91Plexor123Noise Rumbler
28Techno Strike60Synth Cycle92Tronix Stab124Weirdooos
29Moody Mellows61AciWaah Bass93Try This One!125Q Plick
30Plugger Bass62Technical Motion94Generation Y126Lazer Zap
31Oomaxx Bass63HoloMotion95Fatty Pulsar127Lazer Zap 2

Phone Demo Code77

128 All-New Programs Each!

(NOW HERE!) Film 3-D features swirling, wild, atmospheric,
time-expanding and 3-dimensional film and
atmospheric sounds...wild pads, full, fat,
developing sounds, and musical film &
atmospheric sounds of all types, as well
as some great, smooth new age sounds.

Patch Names:

00Fantasy 3-D32Ultima Planners64Phenomenon Q96Bug Surrounding
01InterDimensional33Hydrasis X65Genesis97Flight Genesis
02Fantasy Q34Pulsar Radiation66Boarders X98Alternatius
03Dimensional Com35Whisper Lites67Plunketers99Music Boxers
04Tentacles36TechnoScopic68Heli Q3100Winter Hollows
05Bottle Glimmers37Softest Night69Swifters101Soft Sines
06The Riddler38String Padds70Faraway Star102Zapper Quicks
07Morning Waves39Slo Shifters71Hydrasis Pad103Germ Swarm
08Portal Entry40Haunters72Fontasia104Transwellers
09H2O Particles41Space Monks73Speculars105Underground Bugs
10Fantasy Dome42Reactor Engine74Faraway Flute106Alien XXY
11Sparkolaters43Oxygenate EP75Light Bellers107Altered States
12Beautiful Softs44Pair Sequence76Simplicity108Panteras
13Twinklers45Super Softs77Collective109Running Winds
14Rubber Bands46Noise Infants78Xanathers110Dark Entry
15Muted Pads47Spinners E79Planet x111Alien Whistler
16Pan Comings48Helical Scan80Trouble Brewing112Fatalis
17Sequentials49Moaners81Zipperz113Trans X
19Scanner Beam51XY Ghost83Resonant Softs115Sparklers
20Spinnacles52Panner Syns84Evolution116Flight Training
21Dimensional Atax53Fantasy Winds85Jettison117Trance Motions
22Alterers54Beautiful Pads86Synth Softs118HeliScapes
23Hollow Pads55VocoScopes87SynWhispers119Jokerzz
24Infernals56PeaceMaker88Trance Q120Cracklers
25Fantasy Dome57Cursor Lite89Flight Source121Z Spanner
26Space Capsule58Slip Sipper90Antalis122SineOmeters
27Soft Hollows59Water Wonders91Soft Bell Keys123Flight Winds
28Miraculous60Bubble City92Miracle Pad124X Factor (X-Y)
29Ferrites61Alien Vector93Space Tentacles125Noise Factor 1
30Xanates62MineSweeps94Transporter S126Night Swishers
31Computer Vox63Scramblers95Key Pluckers127Deep and Dark

128 All-New Programs Each!

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Our CD-ROMs and synth sounds
have been top rated in "Keyboard,"
"Electronic Musician," "Recording Magazine,"
"Korg Connection," "Triton Haven,"
"Trinity Haven," "Sound on Sound UK,"
"FutureMusic", and many more.

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